The witch love is with a romance beautiful married man 2022

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Today’s topic is the witch love romance story 2022. So friends, read the witch of love story. Bhavesh and Radhika were husband and wife and they lived happily ever after. One day they have a witch in their village and fall in love with Bhabesh. Then he thinks of making a love story of a witch with Bhabesh by killing Radhika. So friends keep watching this story till the end.

witch love

So friends, let’s start today’s story.
Suddenly one day lightning flashed in the sky and it was raining heavily. And a man whose name was Bhabesh was walking towards his village soaking wet. As he started walking towards his village, after a while he heard the sound of a girl crying from behind.

He said, “Wait, wait, wait.” I will go with you.
Bhabesh was shocked to hear this sound and then turned around and started looking from side to side.
And a little farther back he noticed a girl sitting under an empty tin house.

I approached and saw that he was a beggar. The beggar was smiling at Bhabesh.
Bhabesh also saw the girl and thought to himself. He is a beggar. I’m also wondering what all this is just.

And thinking about all this, he started walking towards his house again. But this time he started walking louder than before because it has started raining louder and he will get cold if he gets wet in the rain for a long time. This time too he started flashing lightning again and I heard that sound again.

witch of love

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Witch of love

Bhabesh darao bhabesh. I will go with you.
Hearing this sound again, Bhabesh stood up for a while and then turned around. Then a witch was standing in front of him.
Bhabesh was absolutely shocked to see it. And screams very loudly. They keep running to save. Hey, where are you? Save me. They made me witch .

Thus, in fear of the witch, Bhavesh went to his house screaming. She arrives home and is terrified. He told his wife (meaning Radhika) everything about it. ( witch of love )
You know Radhika, you know witch is walking on the street.
I saw him with my own eyes today. She love me . I can’t believe it with my own eyes that a witch loves me.

What did you say? What witch is wandering in our village? Then we all have to be careful. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Since that day many people have seen the witch and many in the village are scared. A woman from the village comes to sell vegetables.

And everyone is amazed at her beauty. Says one of them.
Hey, vegetable grower, you take witch again.
Hey hey what are you saying all this. You are not ashamed to say these things to a beautiful girl like me. Seeing such a beautiful fair-skinned girl, her hair looks like.
Another of them says that this beautiful girl can’t be witch and you are rude from here. I want to buy vegetables from what you are saying.( witch of love )

In this way the aman traps the vegetables. And buys some vegetables to keep in its basket. There are many vegetables in the basket but the vegetable grower tells him to buy pumpkin.

The Witch Love

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The witch love

You take this card, sir. Playing this vegetable will make your body better and more beautiful and handsome than before.
Well then this matter then give me the pumpkin.
Aman takes Lao from him. And he took it and left it at his own house.
Meanwhile, the vegetable grower left. ( witch’s romance )

After a while a beggar came to catch him. Aman bids him farewell with some bread.
As night falls, the fear of death dances on Aman’s head. Meanwhile, Lauta is slowly growing. Gradually it took the form of a witch.

After seeing this, Aman started shouting very loudly.
Save me, save me, where are you? Petney has entered my house.
Whenever Aman starts screaming when he sees the witch, the witch eats blood on his neck. And killed him. ( witch’s romance )

The witch leaves at the touch.
Then in the morning the villagers saw his body lying in his house. No one understands anything.
Seeing this, the villagers started discussing in the meeting.
In this way, the brother seems to be the real petni in that curry.

I saw this woman at Aman’s house yesterday evening. I saw it with my own eyes.
Hey brother I think you are right. I also have a lot of doubts about him. I think that will be witch’s .
Another says that God knows who is witch and who is not witch.
Look, brother, we have to do something about this witch, not us, but everyone is in danger.
From day one, the villagers have been careful not to leave the house alone. ( the witch love )

Vegetables and beggars keep an eye on.
But the witch can’t be stopped at all.
Every night Rose kills someone and eats his blood and leaves.
One day Bhavesh’s wife Radhika was walking towards the field. Then he saw the beggar sitting next to the vegetable grower talking. The two are sitting on the raw road talking.

You eat banana, you have a very sweet throat.
You hurry, I’ll eat.
Speaking of which, there is not a single banana from the beggar vegetable grower.
Then Sabjiwali suddenly took the form of witch.
And this beggar’s throat is eating blood. He doesn’t suck all the blood with his long teeth. And killed him.
Seeing this, Radhika started running towards the village in fear. And keep shouting loudly, save me, save me.

A Witch’s Love

And the vegetable wali witch.
The vegetable witch.
Radhika started running to say this and as she said this, blood started raining from the sky. And at that time the witch came and stood in front of Radhika.
Seeing this, Radhika started shaking her hands and feet in fear. And keep screaming. Save me, save me, save me wherever you are.

This witch will kill me.
Save save save.
Who will save you from my hands.
Now no one will save you from my hands. ( a witch’s love )

I will kill you and take your form. And I will become Radhika and live with Bhabesh.
Why are you doing this? What do you want?
Because of my love for Bhabesh? I have fallen in love with Bhabesh.
And I will continue to suck the blood of others until I find Bhabesh.
Until I get peace.

It is said that the witch continues to walk towards Radhika through the rain of blood.
In this way it will continue to move forward and on the other hand Bhabesh also leaves. ( a witch’s love )

And if the witch can’t come near Radhika’s neck and catch her, Bhabesh reaches there.
The witch started smiling when she saw him. And you have come to say Bhabesh. You shouldn’t have come at this time.
Hahaha you can’t see Radhika die.

But tell me why you want to kill Radhika. Because I love you and want to get you.
But I love Radhika, I will not live without her. And I can’t see him die. And if you want to kill me, kill me. But you let him go. ( the witch love )

As soon as he said this, Bhabesh started walking towards the witch.
On the other hand, Radhika gets scared when she sees him walking towards the witch and Radhika goes to Bhabesh from behind. And to save her, she goes to the witch herself.
I don’t think you did anything. If you have to kill someone, kill me.
No, no, you don’t listen to him, you hit me, Bhabesh said. You let him kill me.

Seeing this deep love between Bhavesh and Radhika, the witch became one. Fear of self is left behind.
No no i don’t want to kill you i’m lost to the love of you two You forgive me I am leaving you and I will never come to this village again.
Speaking of which, whenever the witch starts to go backwards, a little lightning strikes the hair from the sky. ( the witch love )

The witch love and witch is gone immediately. Bhabesh and Radhika died in front of him.
Meanwhile, the rain of blood stopped with him.
Bhabesh and Radhika are surprised to see this wonderful natural.

So friends, I finished witch love story 2022 here. Please let us know in the comments below how you like our The witch love today. And stay with us regularly to get such romantic love stories.

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