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My sister is my best friend’s wife. Your sister is the best friend of my life. You will learn the secret of this story of dating your best friend’s sister. I like my friend sister.

friend’s sister

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Rohit, will you come here a little?
Hmm, what do you want to say to Samir Kiri?
Well, how do you like my sister Nisha?
Suddenly you are talking about this, after a while the bridegroom of Nisha’s wedding came and you are talking to me now?

Aa Rohit, please don’t answer what I want to know!
Why are you silent, why aren’t you answering?
Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. ( sisters friend )

So why are you mumbling?
Nowhere, never.
Well then tell me how do you like my sister?
To be honest, it feels so good. As a friend’s sister, I respect her as much as I respect her. And I see her as my friend’s sister, now tell me why you want to know why?

Is he like that, on the other hand, how does he look in your eyes?
Look, man, I respect all girls. I do more and more to your sister. Because you are my friend, I don’t want our relationship to be ruined for any reason.
Hey boy, I understand, tell me how my sister looks?

Hmmm so pretty. Lots of magic, eye-catching deer eyes, what a sweet smile, who can conquer the whole building with that sweet smile. I want to stay immersed in the room of her long black hair.
Uh-huh. ( sisters friend )

Sorry dude! I think it became a little more.
Well, now it’s time for the bridegroom to come.
Why Ray!
Well do you love him!

Why are you saying this to me now, let’s not go down now?
There will be no marriage and the bridegroom will not come.
Why what happened? ( sisters friend )

Tell me honestly if you love my sister.
Tell me why you shut up quickly!
Yes stale good stale! I love you very much.
Then you never told me why.

For the sake of friendship, my friend, I don’t want our friendship to be harmed in any way.
Or I can not have a friendship with you?

sisters friend

But why Ray?
No I said it can’t be kept and you could do it I never expected it from you?
Why Ray I did or did.
Chi Rohit Chi Rohit.
Well, if you don’t want to be friends with me, I’m leaving.

This Rohit where are you going.
I’m leaving.
Then what will happen to my sister Nisar.
You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? ( sisters friend )

I don’t understand, you bastard. Did I tell you, I will not be friends with you from now on we are two shala dulabhai. I am your brother-in-law. You are my sister’s son-in-law. I meant it to you.
Ohhhh yes yes.

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance.
Friendship ??? And I don’t know if he loves me alone or if he loves me.
If Nisha doesn’t love you, then who stopped this marriage? ( sisters friend )

What do you mean!
It means a very simple flag. I love you. He told me all about you. He saw love for you in your eyes. And you could call me once that you love him.

Look friend I agree to give up my love but not friendship.
Hey crazy, better boy than you, tell me where I got you, you are my dearest friend. I couldn’t find anything better than you to keep my sister happy. ( sisters friend )

This time I said, I went and sat next to Nisha in the guise of a groom. Mr. Kazi read out our marriage. The two of us signed the registry book. We went to a room and were taken to a separate room. Today is the night of our life. Everyone has an idea about this. I also have a lot, but how is marriage possible in this situation. We haven’t talked to each other well until today.

I have seen her as Samir’s sister. So I talked to her without any need. Nisha wanted to tell me. I didn’t get a chance. I didn’t know that Nisha and I love her. She is already sitting on the beautiful bed of the room. Nisha is sitting on the bed very nicely decorated with different kinds of flowers.

my sister is my best friend for life

She is waiting for her son-in-law. I opened the door and entered. I took off my clothes, put on my T-shirt and stood on the verandah. I have a happy day today but I can’t be happy because I have never talked to anyone about how to spend a good night with him. Saying in my mind again, I love you too. I saw Nisha standing next to me and putting her hand on my shoulder. I looked at her but I do not understand what to say then I said Nisha what are you doing here?
No, brother, I don’t feel good in the room alone, that’s why I came. ( sisters friend )

Oh well, then both of them are keeping silence. No one is talking to anyone. The atmosphere at night in the city looks very different. Hundreds of lights are shining around.
Today we got married in this house, so we are both looking at the natural play of light. The cold wind is blowing outside, Nisha said, breaking our silence ….

Didn’t you agree to this marriage?
Didn’t I think so?
Is it normal to think oh? ( sisters friend )

Did you love someone else
And now I am very surprised that I have loved someone in my life, he is this nightmare. And does he tell me if I love someone? Why don’t you say these things?
Please don’t say no.

A devilish idea came to my mind that this girl should give a proper answer. I want to know why he will say that he loves me with his own mouth? Do you love someone
Hmm, I still love. ( sisters friend )

Hmm, why didn’t you tell Samir?
Hmm, I told my brother.
So what did he say?

I mean, it’s very easy to talk to the person I love, that’s my marriage.
I mean, I was surprised to love. Hmm you.
Why do you love me I am your brother’s friend. Your brother too.

dating my best friend’s sister

I do not believe in anything and I do not know why I love you?
Oops. But since you don’t know, why did you love me and marry me as a brother? This girl ever wanted to know what I want? Whether I love someone means that if you love me like this and marry me, my life will be ruined. When I was saying the words, I was saying without looking at Nisha and Nisa was listening to the words with her head down.

Oops. No I never wanted to know if you love someone you want.
Yes, I love someone very much, he loves me more than his own life! But …
I have come among you. I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have. Getting my love and ruining the love of others! Sorry …
Hmmm, I shouldn’t have said that. I looked at him and saw Nisha sobbing and crying.

OK, I’ll make you one and I’ll leave your life, brother.
Someone calls this crazy son-in-law a brother.
No, you are not married to my son-in-law. You don’t have to accept marriage. I will spend the rest of my life just loving you. ( sisters friend )

Last time I want to say I love you Rohit bhaiya!
Why are you crying like this? Hmmm. No one cries like this, I will never let you go anywhere. I will keep it in the middle of my chest.
You keep me safe, don’t you want to get your love?
Hmmm, I wanted to get it.

Then nothing else.
You …
I was about to say something when I put my lips to his. I gave a touch of love. I looked like this for about 5 minutes and said something. Now he bowed his head and nodded his head in shame. Won’t you say anything? I raised my face and said my love, you tell me who can leave my love and go to someone else. ( sisters friend )

So what was that?
Hey, crazy, I was joking and I wanted to tell you that you love me, so I did this drama.
So I understand Ogo my gold.
Hmmm, yes.

You can also name Rohit Bhaiya to act.
Someone calls this husband a brother.
Hee hee hee! No sorry. ( sisters friend )

I will call you from now on. And you or you will say.
OK, my babusona.
Let’s go to my room now.
No, I will not go.

My son-in-law never said he loved me.
So what did the wife say love the son-in-law?
That’s it then.

my best friend and my sister

Well, that’s what you told your brother. You didn’t tell me.
Then I will kill you.
Hmmm, kill me. If you kill her, you will become a widow.
If you don’t say that, I will kill you. I love my son-in-law a lot.

I love my sweet daughter-in-law very much, so let’s not get cold on this balcony in winter.
You call me first.
No, I can’t be so big.
Do you think I’m fat? And why can’t you? ( friend’s sister )

I can’t carry such a heavy bag.
What did you say brother Aaaaaa ..
This is silent. I was just kidding.
You called me a fat sack.

Nesha is crying like a child. Then I told Nisha, “Babu, don’t cry for me. You will be a sack.” Sorry my knee.
Now take it in your lap. ( friend’s sister )

Well, you know, I took Nisha in my lap and came to the room with two of them all night. Today, two days after the wedding, we are going on a honeymoon in Digha. My friend arranged everything at my house. He will leave the train after a while. My house has repeatedly told me to take care of Nisha. I promised her.

I am her husband now so I have a responsibility to take care of everything. Nisha left our train. The man of love sat next to me. Today I feel very blessed to be the man I love so that everyone’s love for me may be fulfilled. ( friend’s sister )

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