the love unrequited story – Lover when someone else’s wife 2022

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The topic of today’s discussion is love unrequited Short Story 2021. In this story of unrequited love, you will learn that if love is not expressed in time, it does not take long to get lost. So friends, welcome to our Chhota golpo website. Continue to watch stories of unreciprocated love. So friends I wish you get over unrequited love. this is losing a friend because of unrequited love .

love unrequited

Do you love me
Asking this last time?
Uh no.
Shubh looked down without answering. Nisha got the answer and calmly picked up the bag and went home. (love unrequited)

When Alice came home she broke down in tears for a while then tried her best to harden herself.
Because if he is weak, he will not run alone. We have to accept the reality that what people want is not always available. In any situation, you have to try to accept it easily, it reduces the amount of suffering. (love unrequited)

Alice gradually realized that happiness does not exist only in receiving. There is also sacrifice and happiness. So he will leave his love and move on to his new life.
His parents have decided to leave him for the sake of happiness. He quickly took his phone and blocked everything.
Thinking that Alice could not unite her eyes all night, the pain of losing her beloved man is becoming medicine. There is no sleep in Scout’s eyes today. Tomorrow she will tell her beloved man about her love. (love unrequited)

Yes, tomorrow afternoon he will go with his parents to his house with a marriage proposal. In anticipation of this day, he has been giving back to Alice for the last four years.
Don’t you hear Scout?
Yes, what are you saying?

Do you love me
What do you say to whom?
Scout, I love you.
Oh, what?
I understand you love me!

unreciprocated love

You don’t sit
You will live, your fourteen will live. Huh.
After saying this, Alice succeeded in listening to the love in Scout’s wish for four years. In the afternoon, Scout and his parents all reached Alice’s house.

Scout becomes speechless realizing that this destiny did not put his love in his destiny. When he came to Alice’s house, he found out that her love was someone else’s wife. (Unfinished love story)

This morning, Alice’s wish was to get married domestically, as if the world had come to a standstill. The only echo in Scout’s ear is the last time I wanted to know, ” Love “

Then Scout went back home with a broken heart. If he hadn’t said yes yesterday, then maybe Alice would have stayed with him today.
What would have happened if he had said nothing but lost his beloved today without saying so, today Scout understood that he should live with an open mind. What to say should be told to have time. (Unfinished love story)

Because we don’t know what is waiting for us in the future. We have to keep our dear people at bay. We don’t have to neglect anyone. They can never tolerate our neglect.
We are also very dear to them.

After about two years… ..
almost two years have passed looking like this. In these two years, Alice and Scout have not met at all.
Today is Alice and bobby’s wedding anniversary. They both came to a restaurant to have a good time. After coming and sitting in the restaurant, eyes go to a table in front. Scout was sitting there alone. ( Unfinished love story )

Scout never saw Alice then. Alice wanted Scout not to see her but suddenly Scout did not see her. Scout has a happy holiday with Alice.

losing a friend because of unrequited love

But before she could say anything, her eyes went to Alice and she became unprepared towards her husband. Seeing this, bobby understands something and asks Ichcheke 6.

Is he Scout?
Scout was quite surprised by bobby’s question. How does bobby know his name? But what did bobby say all about intoxication?
Yes. (Short story of unrequited love)

Then he extended his hand towards bobby and said.
I am bobby Nishar’s husband.
Scout Alice’s friend.
Hmmm! Please join.
Annie Ginger Time?

No, please join.
Play Surf 6.
So you guys talk I’m coming from the washroom.

How are you, Scout?
Scout looked down with a smile on his face which Alice could not understand the meaning of Pran’s smile. Alice began to say again – are
you married?
No. ( losing a friend because of unrequited love )

Didn’t find anyone like mind.
Alice gave a contemptuous smile in reply.
Are you all right
Yes, I am quiet. ( Short story of unrequited love )

Scout didn’t say anything in reply but he was feeling a strange chinchin pain in his chest or side. Scout wanted to know how good Alice is!
You love me, but how good you are without me. You were silent for a while and suddenly you started talking.

You know, Scout, I cried a lot that night. Your desire for power was growing stronger and stronger.
My mind wanted to run to you and I hugged you tightly and said, Scout. You, Heena, I am incomplete. Impossible for me to be someone other than you. ( losing a friend because of unrequited ) love

But could not say those days. Because I know he will give it back like every time. I got married with a little effort. Three months after the marriage, I was a living corpse.
I would cry from time to time. I haven’t been touched once in three months. I would not talk to him.

A story of unrequited love

The boy was suffering without any guilt. One day after three months, he wants to talk to me forcefully and find out about my past. I told him everything that day.
Alice stops calling it. Scout looked at Alice for so long with a sense of guilt and a desire to know. Alice started to say again to be silent for some time.

After hearing the word Jaano and showing the way to a new life by holding my hand, bobby and I started living like friends.
He said he would help me fulfill all my dreams. But yes now I own a restaurant. All this has been possible with the help of God’s trust and bobby.

After leaving for so long, my respect and liking for him continued to grow. So on our first wedding anniversary, I realized that bobby has taken up quite a lot of space in my mind.
bobby becomes my habit and I can feel his need in everything I do. I finally realized that I fell in love with Bobby.

get over unrequited love

After saying all this, Alice stopped again. Scout was stunned and heard that everything was pain like death.
After some time of silence, Scout asked with a full throat.
But who gave all my place to bobby?

Uh uh! I still have the place you had in my mind. bobby has made a new place for himself.
Ahhh 6.
You are the first love that I can’t forget. But every feeling you have is lifeless in one corner of your mind. ( Stories of unrequited love )

What still bothers me is the intense pain of not being able to get what I wanted in the past, Scout.
After hearing all this, a drop of water fell down Scout’s throat. Scout deleted it before seeing Alice. Then he said.

Forgive me if you can.
I have no regrets about you.
Thank you very much.

It’s not a marriage, this time Neo has grown up.
Am I old?
Hearing this, Alice smiled loudly and Scout was fascinated by Alice’s smile. Scout stopped Alice’s smile as he looked at her. Then the two of them remained silent for some time and suddenly Scout said. ( losing a friend because of unrequited love )

bobby hasn’t come yet !!
Alice smiled softly at the answer! Then he said
, “Let’s get a husband like her. Fate is giving privacy to both of us.” Have you ever seen your wife give privacy to her old love man like this?

In fact, this matter is incredible.
He can be happy with such chest pain and 16 annas next time and 4 annas in his own time.
Wow! But I woke up today. Be well

unattainable love

Be well too
Let’s say that Scout took his love in his heart and this hidden love of his is not hidden.
But she is satisfied in the midst of sorrow because she loves the people she loves.

Still waiting for Scout to light his life.
This is My Husband.
Saying this, bobby K hugged him from behind.
Hey, how do you know I’m on the roof today?

Tell me who knows you better than me.
Laughing softly in reply, bobby hugged Alice to himself. Alice felt something liquid on her back.

Tears welled up in bobby’s eyes as he watched bobby move away from him. Upset, Alice kept asking him what had happened. The answer is bobby says,
I thought I might lose you today.
Did you think I would break up with my old boyfriend?

Ahh! Who will leave such a cute groom and run away with someone else? Crazy or me.
bobby was still standing with his head down when suddenly Alice hugged bobby very tightly.
Why didn’t you meet me before I was just before your death? ( Unrequited love )

It was as if the word went to bobby’s chest and he smiled softly and hugged Bobby and Alice.

I love you
I love you more than you.

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